Bob Dogs of the Day Parlay - Episode 2 - His Power Level is Over 3000!

Monday morning and the guy can't even let us get the sand out of our eyes before we get a "PARLAYS PLEASE!" text; so, the boys got to work. We came up with a huge over +3000 odds parlay for Bob. He has his doubts with Luca and Porzingis out for the Mavs, but we took them on the moneyline in this game. Bob said "No way...but I'll bet it anyway." We love his commitment. So, please, check out our wager! Also, we bet this ourselves, sometimes we put out parlays we don't bet, we will be clear on that fact.

Bob's Dogs of the Day Parlay!!!

OKC Thunder Moneyline

Dallas Mavericks Moneyline

Indiana Pacers Moneyline

Wager: 0.25 %

Odds: + 3,140

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