Bob's Dogs of the Day Parlay - Episode 3 - Gimme Gimme

Vancouver Canucks Moneyline


NY Islanders Moneyline


OKC Thunder Moneyline

Wager: 0.25 %

Odds: +1,003

For those of you that like the big risk/big money, like Bobby Parlay, here you go. We came up with a very respectable and achievable +1003 odds parlay. Bob told us today, he doesn't really get the hype he needs from any parlays under +1000, so like good servants of the people, we gave him what he requested. The young gunners of Vancouver have more than enough talent to get the job done in game 1 against the Blues. Anthony of Phullplate, actually put down his own money for the Islanders to win the entire series against Washington. OKC has played the Heat solidly and have been within reach of a couple wins and we can see that giving them hope to get a much needed win, as they have been in a tailspin recently. We gave the bet, we made the bet, and now we will have to sleep in that bet...that's the saying right?

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