Bob's Dogs of the Day Parlay - Episode 5 - FanDuel Down

When Bob texts you with an emergency, you drop everything, even if your grandma is dying in your arms, you drop her; sorry, that's just how it is with him. So we get a text, "FanDuel Down!!!???", kid lost his mind. So, the boys had to talk him down and the best way to do that, give him a parlay he can't refuse. So, we did the opposite like true jerks and picked against the Flyers. However, he subbed that out for the Islanders win or in his words, "the Islanders sweep", in which case we asked him, "Can you could sweep a team that has a win in the series?" Love you, Bob. So, the long anticipated Episode 5 Parlay is here:

Utah Jazz Moneyline


Montreal Canadiens Moneyline


Vancouver Canucks Moneyline

Wager: 0.25 %

Odds: +1,037

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