EPL - 10/30/2020 - Sides and a Parlay

  1. 1.0% wager on Crystal Palace +0.5 @ -115

  2. 1.0% wager on Chelsea -1.0 @ -117

  3. 1.0% wager on Everton -0.5 @ -103

  4. 1.0% wager on Aston Villa +0.5 @ +145

  5. 1.0% wager on Leicester City 0.0 @ -107

  6. 1.0% wager on Tottenham -0.5 @ -165

  7. 1.0% wager on West Ham +1.5 @ -118

  8. 1.0% wager on Manchester City -1.5 @ -117


Chelsea -1.0


Manchester City -1.5


Tottenham -1.0

Wager: 1.5%

Odds: +613

Above are all of our EPL bets for the week. We ended up taking 8 sides and one 3-leg parlay. The 2020/21 season has been nothing short of surprising and the standings have done some major flip-flopping compared to last year. We are rolling with a similar strategy to what we are doing in the NFL by utilizing our power rankings to weed out potential losses and bad matchups. Our goal is to always reduce risk while optimizing our odds. Many focus on winning, we have shifted our mindset to stop unnecessary losing rather than try to force in wins where they are not as viable.

So, in game one this week we took CP get half a goal and then ended up getting a red card and losing two to zero. Oh well, it happens, we have 7 other matches than can make up that loss AND they were not in our parlay, which is nice.

The game we all felt really good about was the Chelsea minus a goal vs Burnley. Burnley sits under the relegation line with one point to their name; their record is 0-1-4. They have been playing much better as of late only losing 1-0 their previous match and drawing 0-0 in the match before. Scoring is definitely an issue for them and against a Chelsea team who sports a top 5 goal differential, we expect Burnley to struggle. Chelsea should be able to easily win this match 2-0 or 3-1 as they are playing to climb the ranks and are within range of the Champions League spots.


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