EPL & NHL Today’s Bets

  • 2.00 % wager on Chelsea at Brighton Over 2.5 Goals (-136)

  • 2.00 % wager on DAL Stars Moneyline (+145)

Chelsea kicks off their season against Brighton today with a slew of new weapons. Whenever these 2 teams meet lots of goals tend to be scored with the over 2.5 hitting in 3 of the last 5 games between these two. it’s worth noting the most recent 2 meetings have resulted in less than 2.5 goals however Chelsea last season participated in the most total goals per game on the road (goals forward plus goals againsf) of any team in the EPL (averaging 4.05 goals per game on the road) and Brighton averaged 2.47 total goals per game when playing at home. plus Chelsea‘a new weapons we are expecting the over to hit in this one.

the Dallas Stars vs Vegas Knights series has been mispriced from the beginning. We noted this in game 1 of the series in one of our previous articles and we were fools for not betting Dallas in every single game. In our defense we had a Stanley cup futures bet on Vegas from before playoffs started so we didn’t like betting against that bet unless it came down to an elimination game, which is what we have tonight. Taking Dallas to win bc there is just a tremendous amount of value on the line ( we have this game at -107 in favor of Vegas) and we also look at this as a hedge against our futures bet on Vegas to win the cup. These two teams are far more evenly matched then the betting line indicates.

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