EPL - We Back This Saturday!

  • 1.0% wager on Everton +0.5 @ -103

  • 1.0% wager on Chelsea -1.0 @ -127

  • 1.0% wager on Arsenal +0.5 @ -108

  • 1.0% wager on Newcastle +1.0 @ -130

  • 1.0% wager on Sheffield -0.5 @ +106

  • 1.0% wager on West Brom, tie no bet @ -137

  • 1.0% wager on Aston Villa +0.5 @ +100

  • 1.0% wager on Brighton, tie no bet @ -109

  • 1.0% wager on Tottenham -1.0 @ -103

  • 1.0% wager on Leeds United -0.5 @ +145

We are back with some EPL bets and we are pumped! The league has completely flip flopped in its early goings with teams like Everton and Aston Villa running the show.

One game to pay attention would be the Newcastle vs Man United matchup. One might expect Man U to get back on track and take down a susceptible Newcastle squad. However, we are giving Newcastle a goal on the spread to ensure their victory. Man U is weak right now and we don't see that changing very much. They rank 16th out of 20 and have a -6 goal differential. Newcastle sits at 9th with plenty to play for and feel good about.

Another game that interests us very much would be the Everton va Liverpool matchup. Everton sits atop the league where Liverpool did the entire time last season. Liverpool is still very good sporting a 3-0-1 record, but tied for second in goals allowed. If they can shape up their defense and goaltending, they will be a force once again. With that said, we gave Everton plus half a goal to take the win. Until Liverpool shows us more, we cannot assume they will flip that dominant switch.

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