MLB Bets - 7/24/2020 - (Jays @ Rays)(Orioles @ Red Sox)(Giants @ Dodgers)

Game 1: Toronto Blue Jays at Tampa Bay Rays 6:40pm EST

  • Bet 1: 1.0% wager on Tampa Bay Rays -1.5 on the Run Line @ +143 odds

Baseball is here folks! As much as we have enjoyed Premier League, we love having another sport to bet. The betting markets have Tampa Bay winning this game and so do we, but we were not getting enough value on the straight up line. Therefore, we took the Rays at -1.5 to receive plus odds because we think they are definitely winning by 2 or more. The Toronto Blue Jays have been on a major decline over the last 5 years and in the last 7 games these two teams have played against each other, the Rays have taken 5 of them. Morton takes the mound for the Rays and in his last 17.2 innings against the Jays he averaged a 3.06 ERA; if he can stick to those numbers, our bet should be good to go!

Game 2: Baltimore Orioles at Boston Red Sox 7:30pm EST

  • Bet 1: 1.2% wager on Boston Red Sox -1.5 on the Run Line @ -120 odds

Boston is 28-10 against the Orioles in the last 38 games and are of course favored in tonight's match up. We took them at -1.5 runs to give ourselves more favorable odds because we think the Red Sox blow the roof off of these guys in their opening game. The Orioles were a terrible 58-104 in 2019 and we do not expect much to change for them in 2020. There is one positive for Baltimore heading into this season, they cannot lose that many games again until next season.

Game 3: San Francisco Giants at Los Angeles Dodgers 9:40pm EST

  • Bet 1: 1.32% wager on game total runs under 9.5 @ -132 odds

Last night, the Dodgers housed the Giants after a tight first half of the game, but once that Giants bullpen arrived, the baseballs started to depart, if you catch our drift. We do not expect back to back explosions from the Dodgers and we definitely do not expect the Giants to do much of anything. MLB games tend to land on 9 total runs more often than not and we like those -132 odds this game when everything was fed through our model. Also, Ross Stripling is starting tonight for the Dodgers and his home game scores habitually end up under 9 runs, it is actually kind of ridiculous when we looked at his history. Lastly, we hope the Giants play a full game tonight.

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