MLB Bets - 7/25/2020 - What if Projected Pitchers Actually Pitch Today?

Game 1: Milwaukee Brewers @ Chicago Cubs 1:10pm EST

  • Bet 1: 2.0% wager on Chicago Cubs to win @ -148 odds

The Chicago Cubs were 21 games over .500 last year at home and we expect that trend to continue for them this season. However, the Brewers did play them extremely well taking the season series 10-9 in 19 games. Yet, we are still not confident at all that the Brewers can snag this game from the Cubs, they are sending out Corbin "Noodle Arm" Burnes to the mound in game 2 who had a 8.82 ERA last year. Apparently, he showed up and had a great summer/spring, but we are not buying it. The Brewers bats, who were just shutout, will not be able to support this guy enough to keep him on the mound past 4 innings. Especially since Milwaukee is going up against Darvish who only gifted them 1 run in 2 games against them. We believe in the Cubs team, but we believe more in the fact that the Brewers just do not have enough juice to pull this win out.

Game 2: Baltimore Orioles @ Boston Red Sox 1:35pm EST

  • Bet 1: 1.0% wager on game total runs over 10.5 @ -103 odds

The Orioles got hammered yesterday by the Red Sox, J.D. and the boys really took it to them and did not let up on the gas. We can only assume they still have their foot to the floor ready to make more contact at 1:35pm EST. The Orioles are trotting Alex Cobb out to the mound and while he is a very capable arm, the Red Sox just have too much power up and down their lineup to avoid getting crushed. We could see Boston hitting the over for us by themselves once again today. The Red Sox will be starting Perez, who is also capable, but had a less than impressive 5.12 ERA last season. With only having 2 runs last game, the Orioles will be looking to eat and hopefully they can help our cause with 4 or 5 runs.

Game 3: Toronto Blue Jays @ Tampa Bay Rays 3:10pm EST

  • Bet 1: 1.57% wager on Tampa Bay Rays to win @ -157 odds

We do not have much to say about this game. The Rays royally f****** us yesterday by losing straight up to the awful Blue Jays. We decided to go back to the same watering hole, but we all know the definition of insanity. Let's see if this pitching matchup can swing things back to normal.

Game 4: Detroit Tigers @ Cincinnati Reds 5:10pm EST

  • Bet 1: 2.0% wager on Cincinnati Reds -1.5 on the Run Line @ -110 odds

The Reds were about 30 some games better than the Tigers last season, Detroit only mustered up 47 wins in 162 games. We cannot conclude who is worse, the Tigers or the Red Wings; we feel for you Detroit fans. However, we also feel the Tigers are still going to be awful this season and it starts by losing to the Reds again by more than 2 runs. Castillo will be the starting pitcher for Cincy and he is the definition of consistency. He isn't the best pitcher in the league, but you always know what you are going to get out of him, which makes planning for the manager much easier. The Reds should handle the Tigers with ease.

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