More NBA Bets and Today's NHL Bets - Volume Bets Equals No Debts - 8/19/2020

Updated: Aug 20, 2020


  1. 1.5% wager on Jazz +4.0 @ -109 odds

  2. 1.5% wager on Celtics -4.5 @ -112 odds

  3. 1.5% wager on Clippers -6.0 @ -110 odds

We love the Jazz to bounce back in this game and win outright, the plus 4 spread is just a bonus. We still believe they have a chance to win this series even with losing game one. We understand the final score was 135-125 in favor of the Nuggets, but it was overtime. Donovan Mitchell was an absolute monster and he should continue that type of play, he just needs his teammates to pick up their defense support him in any way possible. A single player does not win championships, but a single player can definitely determine the outcome of a single game or a single series.

Yous just gotsta roll with the Celtics against a Simmons-less Sixers and of course Leonard will never let the Clippers lose a round 1 series. In all of the round 1 matchups, we are most confident in the Celtics and Clippers, they are playing strong consistent basketball at both ends of the floor and they look like they WANT to be in the bubble. Where other teams, like the Lakes, look unmotivated and sluggish. As if both 8th seeds won game 1 in their particular series; we wonder how many times that has happened in NBA history.


  1. 2.0% wager on Avalanche moneyline @ -230 odds

  2. 1.0% wager on Canadiens moneyline @ +117 odds

  3. 1.5% wager on Canucks moneyline @ +123 odds

The Avs have to be the clear cut favorite at this point. They look rock-frickin-solid; we thought we went through a portal and were watching Sakic, Forsberg, Foote, Roy, and all those guys dominating all over again. No mercy for the Yotes, apparently.

Carter Hart looks like the best goalie in the league after his back to back shutouts; the kid has pure ice in his veins, like plutonic ice. However, his team has been struggling to score with 1 goal in game three and 2 goals in game four; the youngsters (Laughton, Konecny, etc.) seem to have gone cold. While, Carter Hart will be trying to go for playoff history, we cannot expect that to happen or the Montreal Canadiens to allow that to happen. Remember, this team took down the Pens with ease and won game 2 with a score of 5-0. Since we are getting nice plus odds, we will take the opportunity to bet the Montreal Canadiens considering how tightly the last two games have been played. It will be extremely difficult to keep the Canadiens, or any NHL team, from scoring in three straight games.

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