NBA and NFL (YES! NFL) Bets - Plus, Bob's Dogs of the Day Parlay Ep. 7 - 9/10/2020


  • 1.5% wager on HOU Texans vs KC Chiefs Over 53.5 @ -104 odds

When we took the bet, Vegas had the spread at Chiefs favored by 9.5 points and the total for the game at 53.5 points. This equates to a betting line based off the final score of Houston Texans 22 points and Kansas City Chiefs 31.5 points. Looking at the game in this way, we can agree that it is likely that the Chiefs score 31.5 points or more. Those guys are almost unstoppable on offense, especially adding a stud RB in the draft. So, the real question is, how many points do the Texans score? Well, if we think that the Chiefs can score 31.50 or more in this game, then in order to take the over 53.5 points for the game, we need to believe the Texans can score more then 22 points. Looking at the full season last year, the average points scored per game across the whole league was 22.852 points per game, so do we think that Houston's offense is a below average offense this season? No, we think Houston is above average offense and is highly likely to score over 22 points in this game, thus giving us the win on the over. The Texans scored 24 points in the 1st half alone in the last game between these two teams at Arrowhead Stadium with a packed crowd for a playoff game. Watson does enough to keep up with Mahomes in the scoring department and gets us to the over in the bet.


  • 3.0% wager on HOU Rockets Moneyline @ +188 odds

As we said in our instagram post, we believe in the Rockets and their ability to keep this series tight. The key is Westbrook and if he can find his game before the series is over. The Lakers have been skating by on the spread, but we are going to stick with our model and fundamentals in this series. The Rockets are getting almost plus 200 odds on the moneyline and we love it, we think they can win this game outright in regulation.

Bob's Dogs of the Day Parlay (Ep. 7):

Huge day for the city of Houston??!!

HOU Rockets Moneyline


HOU Texans Moneyline

Wager: 0.5%

Odds: +1,153

Bob-O took a break, but now he is back! He was busy moving, evicting, and scheming. Out of nowhere he asked for a parlay and we delivered. Also, we would never insult his comeback with a parlay lead than +1000 odds.

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