NBA and NHL Volume Bets - 9/02/2020 - 158 Total Points Scored in an NBA Playoff Game?


  • 2.0% wager on Bucks -5 @ -112 odds

Fun trend: Bucks are 94-34 ATS since Feb 27, 2000 as a favorite off a game as a favorite off a loss. We love the wording of these trends, you get that one?

A quick reminder as well, these trends are not what we base our bets on. They are merely supporting facts that sometimes make us feel better. However, they rarely play into whether we make a bet or not. This is one tough series and we still like the Bucks, so we will probably ride them out the whole way.

  • 2.0% wager on Rockets -5 @ -112 odds

Russell Westbrook needs to play better tonight, will play better tonight. He is the key.


  • 1.0% wager on Avalanche Moneyline @ -118 odds

The Avs ripped in 5 ginos and then powered down to gear up for game six. The problem is the Stars can do the exact same thing and they have Khudobin back in net, who helped them win all 3 of their games in the series. We still think the Avs are the better team, even with injuries and we will take them to force a game seven.

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