NBA Bets - 8/10/2020 - Volume Betting

  • 1.50 % wager on OKC Thunder +6.5 @ -103 odds

  • 1.50 % wager on Dallas Mavericks +7.5 @ -110 odds

  • 1.00 % wager on Indiana Pacers +3.5 @ -107 odds

Once again, following our new strategy of spreading out bets, we found 3 games giving value on the betting markets. More games ast less money seems to work out a bit better in the long run, however today, there are only 5 NBA games and 0 NHL games. Therefore, we upped our percentages a touch to make the games worth a little more. As for the Thunder and Mavs bet, they will both be missing top guys, which should be sufficiently accounted for with the plus points they are both getting. Mind you, the teams they are playing may also be missing key players with questionable and gametime decisions. The Pacers are the underdog, but have the bubble's leading scorer in TJ Warren, the guy is on another level right now, but he is questionable; hopefully he shows up as he always been doing. The first game starts at 2:30pm and so far we are really digging our new way of doing things. We will be excited to see if it continues to payoff and if we can continue to capitalize off of volume.

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