NBA Volume Bets - 8/11/2020 - No, It's Not a Problem, It's a Strategy

  1. 0.50 % wager on Brooklyn Nets +4.5 @ -109 odds

  2. 0.50% wager on San Antonio Spurs -4.0 @ -112 odds

  3. 0.50 % wager on Phoenix Suns -9.5 @ -110 odds

  4. 0.50 % wager on Dallas Mavericks +3.5 @ -109 odds

  5. 0.50 % wager on Boston Celtics -3.5 @ -112 odds

  6. 0.50 % wager on New Orleans Pelicans +2.5 @ -109 odds

  7. 0.50 % wager on Milwaukee Bucks -7.5 @ -110 odds

Once again, engaging our volume bet strategy, so that we don't have to cherry pick specific games and worry about wagering too much on one game. When betting, you should never have to sweat a single bet and that is what we found ourselves doing at times; thus, we did our homework and shifted our strategy. In conjunction, we have done our very best to adjust our models for neutral field/court/rink, it is not the easiest thing to do, but it is necessary. In this erratic bubble play where there are no crowds and everyone has had to adopt new routines, bettors must adapt. Lastly, going forward in our volume betting strategy, we will be giving breakdowns on every game when possible. During the times we cannot, we will pick our top 2 or 3 games of interest to give you some background on the matchup and/or our betting motives.

In game 1, the Nets are getting +4.5 and we will take that all day with the way they have been playing, especially against high caliber teams. The Magic are nothing special and we feel the Nets can win outright. Now, the Magic have handled the Brooklyn Nets with ease in the last 4 matchups, winning all 4 mostly in convincing fashion. We do worry about the Magic's defense as they are very tough, but the way the Nets are rolling, it should not create too much of an issue. Imagine if Durant and Kyrie were out there for Brooklyn? Next season should be insane for this squad. Lastly, both teams have winning records against the spread in their last 10 games, we expect this game to be a battle between a couple of full squads ready to close out the season strong during the homestretch.

Our next game of interest happens to be the Spurs vs the Rockets. These two squads seem to play eachother very tight. Popovich has figured out a solid strategy against Houston by letting Harden get his and shutting down the rest of the team. In their last 4 matchups, the Rockets have taken 3 games, as they should. However, in the last 2 games the winner has been decided by 2 points and wouldn't you know, the Spurs are getting -4 points because Harden is not slated to play. With Houston's top guy out, we love Popovich's ability to draw up a gameplan to eek out a win against a top tier team.

The Suns just keep on rolling. Have you seen the shots they have been hitting? Ridiculous; Booker is on another level right now. COVID has been a terrible thing, but at least we can savor some Cinderella stories here and there. As the Suns matchup against a 76ers team that just seems...blah; we assume they will extend their undefeated streak. The 76ers have taken 3 out of the last 4 games against Phoenix, but every matchup has been within 5 points except one. The dagger, is that the 76ers are trotting out their B squad; no Embiid, Simmons, or Richardson. Therefore, the Suns should have no issue unless they fall asleep.

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