NFL Week 11 - Parlays for the MF Holidays!

Phull Plate Presents: Rescued From the Dog Pound

  1. 2.0% wager on GB Moneyline @ +132

  2. 2.0% wager on CIN Moneyline @ +112

Bob's Dogs of the Day Parlay:

GB Packers Moneyline


CIN Bengals

Wager: 1.0%

Odds: +333

Triple A's Triple Play Parlay:

MIA Dolphins -3.5


LA Chargers -8.5


ATL Falcons +5

Wager: 1.0%

Odds: +622

A couple parlays and a couple moneyline bets for you all today. Once again, we were getting smacked on our spread bets and switched our strategy to Moneyline dogs based on trends that were yielding positive results dating back to week one. Last week, we went 0-3, but that's okay. All of our bets are plus odds, so losing is just going to be a part of the process with this strategy. We feel very strongly about about this week's picks. Burrow and the Bengals are underdogs against a very sloppy Washington team that does not have too much to play for. You may say the same about Cincy, but Burrow is in year one and still looking to prove his worth as the number one pick. He will be put there trying to accumulate as many wins as possible in his rookie year as he tries to win the ROTY! We expect the Bengals to come out with a little more fire than The Football Team. As for GB, the line has inched closer and closer to a pick'em and we expect Rodgers to come out slinging the ball. The Packers have not quite locked up the division with Minnesota showing life and rolling the last few games. They will be looking to showcase their dominance against a very capable and dangerous Colts team. We believe the Indy D is a bit fraudulent and Rodgers should be able to slice them up for a W. Phull Plate has the week nailed as the week of the Dogs! Watch out for some upsets, they come in waves.

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