NFL Week 14 - Rockin' Around the SRM!

  1. MIN Vikings +7.0 (-112)

  2. CAR Panthers -3.5 (-110)

  3. TEN Titans -7.0 (-115)

  4. HOU Texans -1.0 (-110)

  5. CIN Bengals +3.5 (-109)

  6. MIA Dolphins +7.0 (-108)

  7. NY Giants +2.5 (-112)

  8. LV Raiders +3.0 (-115)

  9. NY Jets +15.5 (-112)

  10. SF 49ers -3.0 (-103)

  11. LA Chargers +2.5 (-110)

  12. DET Lions +8.5 (-108)

  13. PHI Eagles +8.0 (-112)

  14. PIT Steelers +2.5 (-106)

  15. CLE Browns +3.0 (-115)

All of these wagers are 2.0% of our payroll and based off of our statistical regression model. So far we have been looking solid since starting this process. We are trying to remain even keel and not get too high or too low with this process. The SRM should be able to maintain steady profits over a large period of time and so far that is how it is trending.

Order 66: 6 teams, 6 points, we teasin', we pleasin' and our bank accounts are dreamin'.

TEN Titans -1.0

NY Giants +8.5

LA Chargers +6.5

PIT Steelers +8.0

CLE Browns +9.0

SF 49ers +3.5

Odds: +584

Wager: 2.00%

We noticed an interest stat that correlated very well with 6 point teasers and our SRM.Therefore, we put one together for this week to see if we can finally smack a parlay!

Bob's Dogs of the Day Parlay:

PIT Steelers Moneyline

CLE Browns Moneyline

LA Chargers Moneyline

Odds: +888

Wager: 1.0%

Can you believe the Steelers are getting 2.5 points against the Bill's? That's unwarranted to us, since we believe the Steelers win this thing straight up. Yes, their schedule has been one of the easiest in the league and many claim the refs took control of a couple games for them. However, they still sport one of the best, if not, the best defensive units including, the DPOTY in T.J. Watt. On top of that, their offense is still potent, but has not quite lived up to the hype as of late. In the end, they kick off our Bob's Dogs of the Day Parlay.

Lastly, we have 1 bet for...

Phull Plate Presents Rescued From the Pound:

  1. 2.0% wager on the Pitt Steelers Moneyline @ +112 odds


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