NFL Week 3 Bets

After last week where there was only 1 upset victory for the full slate of games on, we are expecting the complete opposite to occur this week. Looking at the games it seems that there is potential for an onslaught of "upsets" this week. Some will be deserved as some teams aren't as good as their record indicates and others will be a surprise as previously written off teams suddenly wake up and play with some urgency. It's also a week where truly dominate teams press on the gas pedal and takeoff, we did out best avoiding games where we thought upsets were more likely but didn't feel confident in the team enough to backem. We also took some favorites that we think are more dominate then the odds are letting on to. The moneyline bets are something new this week, we noticed that our system has been incredible accurate at picking moneyline winners (+70.00 % going back to last year) especially when our system has them winning by more then a touchdown and finding upset winners when our system's spread is less then a field goal. We hand picked a few of those to bet today and you can see those below as well. Take a look at the bets below and lets cash some tickets.

2.00 % wager on LA Rams +2.0 (-110)

2.00 % wager on CIN Bengals +5.5 (-107)

3.00 % wager on ARI Cardinals -5.5 (-110)

2.00 % wager on LV Raiders +5.5 (-104)

3.00 % wager on DEN Broncos +6.0 (-110)

5.00 % wager on BAL Ravens -3.5 (-103)

1.50 % wager on DAL Cowboys +4.5 (-110)

4.00 % wager on BAL Ravens Moneyline (-180)

4.00 % wager on ARI Cardinals Moneyline (-240)

4.00 % wager on LA Chargers Moneyline (-275)

3.00 % wager on HOU Texans Moneyline (+190)

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