NHL and NBA Volume Bets - 8/26/2020 - Yo, Chill Out, We Were Just Teasing


  • 1.0% wager on OKC Thunder +3.5 @ -109 odds

Russell Westbrook being out for the Rockets and OKC getting Schroeder back has changed the series. The betting markets have not caught up and will keep taking OKC with plus points all day long. It is really simple, Harden can beat Paul, but Harden cannot beat Paul and Schroeder.

  • 2.0% wager on Lakers -12.5 @ -110 odds

Lillard is out for Portland, this series is over. We just hope we don't get back-doored here when Lebron and AD sit out the second half. What were those famous song lyrics by NSYNC?....

  • 1.0% wager on Bucks -14 @ -112 odds

Bucks should close out the series strong and with conviction.

  • 1.5% wager on 5 Pt Teaser

  • Bucks -9 & Lakers -8.5 @ -108 odds (teased the line down under one of the key numbers of 10)


  • 1.0% wager on NY Islanders Moneyline @ -106 odds

  • 3.0% wager on Avalanche Moneyline @ -143 odds

Colorado has a +10 goal differential over 14 games this year after back to back losses, we like that a lot. It is insane how quickly things can change. The future looks rough for Colorado sitting at 2 games down and missing their starting goalie. Giving up 5 goals a game to the Stars is not going to get the job done, especially since their defense is better than their offense. We fully expect the Avs to show some life, take things one shift at a time, and put together a win.

  • 1.0% wager on Lightning Moneyline @ -104 odds

This year Tampa Bay on the 2nd game of a back to back has a +12 goal differential and Boston on the second game of a back to back has a -1 goal differential. This gives Tampa the edge in this situation. We knew this series would give us issues. These teams are so tight and either won can dominate defensively or offensively at any given point. To determine our side in game two, we had to go with some stats that showed the true picture of these two teams on back to back nights of playing.


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