NHL Playoffs Volume Bets - The West Looks Tough

  • 2.0% wager on Colorado Avalanche Moneyline @ -195 odds

  • 1.0% wager on Columbus Blue Jackets Moneyline @ +135 odds

  • 1.0% wager on Vancouver Canucks Moneyline @ +117 odds

Colorado hammers the Yotes into submission; Kadri takes a run at Kuemper. Tortorella suits up and records the double hatty for Columbus. Markstrom scores the go ahead gino with 14 seconds left in the 3rd to win 3-2. Lock it all in, and we put the house on those facts. Kidding, although, the Kadri thing might happen, that guy needs to chill with the smelling salts.

So, after game 1 in each series, we originally though Philly and Colorad looked like the two best teams in the playoffs; with Vegas right behind them. However, after further analysis and with most teams having played 3 or 4 games; the West looks strong. The Avs and Knights might be 1 and 2 in the entire playoffs. We expect the Avs to take care of business with either Grubauer or Francouz in net. After a tough loss, they will comeback firing and combine that with their puck movement, watch out. We could see the Avs owning taking a comfortable 3-1 lead in the series with ease.

The Canucks have looked great compared to what we thought they might look like against the defending champs. They are playing with speed, tenacity, and unity. It was a very tough OT loss last night, but we will take the youngsters of Hughes, Pettersson, and Boeser, lead by the red hot Horvat, in game four. Playing back to back nights does not favor the Blues especially with their goaltending dilemma. The Canucks were right there to have an opportunity to sweep tonight, they will correct mistakes and be that much better tonight.


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