NHL Sides Bet - 8/8/2020 - Welcome to the West

NHL Game 1: Vegas Knights vs Colorado Avalanche

  • Bet 1: 2.0% wager on Colorado Avs moneyline @ -125 odds

The Vegas Knights last two games during bubble play have been scoring fests. They have out up 11 goals in two games and have allowed 8 goals. While the Avalanche eeked out a quality 2-1 win against the Blues and then hammered the Stars 4-0. With all the goal scoring happening between these two squads, we could see this game going the complete opposite way with a 2-1 win by the Avalanche. However, if it ends 5-4, we will not be surprised. As always, it comes down to the goalie matchup and we feel very strong about Grubauer, he has been one of the best goalies since joining the Avs; he has continued that in bubble play. We have the Knights to win the cup in a futures bet, but for this round robin game, it would be totally fine if they took a game off.


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