NHL Sides Bet (Penguins vs Montreal) - 8/5/2020

  • 1.50 % wager on Montreal to win, including overtime @ +145 odds

Looking at the NHL lineup today we only found one sides bet with enough value to peak our interest, and that was Montreal getting +145 odds. With the Penguins playing the later game, rink conditions could be brutal out there, which takes away from the offensive power of Crosby, Malkin, Guentzel, etc. This fact should aid Price and the Montreal defense in their effort to shutdown the Pens offensive potential. Also, it looks like Murray will be getting his 3rd start in 5 days, something he never did in the regular season, so we don't know how his body will react. As for Price, he played 20 more games than Murray this season and has been the workhorse his entire career in Montreal; he is used to this sort of grind. We are expecting the game to be very close, much like the first two games, and who wins may come down to who can get the dirty goals.


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