NHL Sides Bets - 8/6/2020 - Did You Check Bob's Parlay?

Game 1: Vancouver Canucks vs Minnesota Wild

  • Bet 1: 2.00 % wager on Vancouver Canucks Moneyline @ +104 odds

The series is tied 1-1 and let us remind you again, we took Vancouver to advance. We believed the 0 goals scored by the Canucks is game one was a fluke. Thus, they came storming back in game two and put up 4 ginos, 4 bardown riperonvskies, 4 upper 90s tuck that puck to bed and say goodnight Wild. Now, the Canucks have given up 3 goals in two consecutive games, we do not expect that to happen in game three. Markstrom will show the NHL that the regular season was not a fluke and the veterans he has on D will back him up. Plus, the 89 year olds the Wild are marching out there should be tired by now.

Game 2: Philadelphia Flyers vs Washington Capitals

  • Bet 1: 2.00 % wager on Philadelphia Flyers moneyline @ -104 odds

Anthony, checking in! Oh man, they are letting the Pens fan write this breakdown. They are just lucky, I could care less for the Capitals to win this game. Go ahead Flyers, battle for that 1 seed, no such thing as home advantage in bubble play. I can here them now, "Ref, you suck!", "Ref, you suck!"; that's what Flyers fans are usually chanting right? I love when people bring up the NHL conspiracy theory about how the refs always had it out for the Flyers since the Broad Street Bullies or how the NHL rigged the Crosby draft (well, that one might be legit, ssshhhhh). Anyway, I personally have enjoyed the Flyers this year, it is really hard not to appreciate what players like Provorov, Konecny and Laughton have grown into, oh and let us not forget Carter Hart, that dude is on another level for his age (super jealous, let's go...Murray?). Our model has the Flyers pulling this one out against the Caps, especially with Brian Elliot in net. Elliot has dominated the Caps this season and we so no reason why that should change, especially since it seems the Flyers have not lost a step during the break; demolishing the Boston Bruins last game. This should be a very entertaining matchup.


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