NHL Sides Bet - 8/7/2020 - Jarry and The Pens

  • 2.0% wager on Pittsburgh to win in regulation @ -106 odds

This bet is a pure story of goaltending matchups. Murray, just has not been the same since his back to back cup runs and we thought he may just be a playoff guy, but here we are with the Pens down 1-2. Once we heard Jarry, who made the all-star game, was named the starter; we knew we had to pull the trigger. The guy was arguably the best Penguin on the team this year and we are very surprised it took 3 games to get him in a game in the playoffs. The Pens have the team to get this W and now they have a goalie that can bail them out in tough situations, that has to ease a player's mind. Harry's counterpart, Carey Price, has been far from perfect, but you have to assume he will be well prepped for this close put game; we say, 2-1 Pens.


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