NHL Volume Bets - Playoff Hockey is Here and it Brought Overtime Hockey With it.

  1. 0.50 % wager on Tampa Bay Lightning to win in Regulation @ -106 odds

  2. 0.50 % wager on Vegas Knights to win in Regulation @ -125 odds

  3. 0.50 % wager on Boston Bruins to win in Regulation @ +114 odds

  4. 0.50 % wager on Dallas Stars to win in Regulation @ +158 odds

Well, we have game 2 between Columbus and Tampa Bay. It would seem Columbus has played 17 games in the last 6 days, not sure how the boys are keeping it together. We cannot say it enough, Korpisalo had 85 saves in game one! Just insanity. We expect the result of game 1 to repeat itself, just not how the Lightning got there. We have to assume Columbus is operating on "E" and Tampa Bay should be able to take advantage of their rest vs Columbus' lack of rest. We could see a big win by Tampa, like in a 3-0 or 4-1 fashion.

Vegas handled Chicago with ease in game one of that matchup. The Knights have been able to score at will in the NHL playoffs thus far and we do not see that changing in game two. We do expect the Blackhawks to play a tighter game and have a better performance. However, the veterans of the Chicago may just not have enough against the stella Golden Knights, especially after having to keep up with McDavid and Draisaitl in the previous series. In general, we will take Fleury and Lehner over Crawford and Subban (or whoever back up they choose) in this 7 game series.

No breakdown for the Bruins or Stars games, but we are getting plus odds to take both and we feel more than comfortable putting money on them both to win. We have immense faith in the Bruins to handle business in that series and the Stars should be able to bounce back and have a better defensive performance.


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