Premier League - 7/11/2020 - (Norwich vs West Ham) (Man City vs Brighton) (Sheffield vs Chelsea)

Game 1: Norwich vs West Ham

  • Bet 1: 2.3% wager on West Ham team total goals over 1.5 at -110 odds

  • Bet 2: 0.53% wager on game ending in a tie at +275 odds

West Ham gunna go ham and get us this cheddar because if they don't, they will not help their chances of staying in the Premier League. Both these squads are, let's just say, bad; which is why we put a tiny bit of money on the tie because we received great value from the odds. However, west Ham has something to play for and prove to the rest of the league. Norwich is dead in the water with basically no hope or reason to play and at risk for owning the record of most Premier League relegations at 5 total times. Now, if you are West Ham, of course you want to be the team to seal that deal.

Game 2: Manchester City vs Brighton

  • Bet 1: 2.56% wager on Brighton team total goals over 0.5 at -129 odds

Yes, we know, Brighton was shutout the last time these two squads matched up against each other. However, Brighton has been playing very tough as of late and gave Liverpool a run the other day. On top of that, Man City is locked in to the Premier League, while Brighton is still working on their spot for next year. Man City is also riding high on a 5-0 owning of Newcastle. We expect them to come back down to earth a little bit against this tough squad. Once again, we are not true believers of Man City's defense and think they have exploitable holes. We just need one from da boys!

Game 3: Sheffield vs Chelsea

  • Bet 1: 2.0% wager on game total goals over 2.5 at -103 odds

  • Bet 2: 0.53% wager on Sheffield United to win, tie no bet at +325 odds

The last time these clubs matched up it ended in a 2-2 tie. Chelsea needs a W to stay within their current gap of Man United in the standings. Whereas Sheffield is battling for a shot of European play next year. The 3 matches previous to the tie all went to Chelsea, but Sheffield has won 5 of their last 7 home matches against them and 4 matches were won by Sheffield in a row before the 3 losses previously mentioned. In the end, these teams battle and tend to rack up goals against one another, we think 3 goals should be no problem in today's match. As for the bet of Sheffield to win, they have done it before, multiple times. We honestly just got great value on this bet and could not pass up the opportunity of +325 odds, especially when our model had Sheffield at only +167 underdogs. In the end, Chelsea should win, but Vegas had Sheffield winning 27.5% of the time and our model had it at 37.5%, we had to act on that double-digit gap. It is important to note the Sheffield win bet was only allocated 0.53% of our total bankroll because the bet was made on pure assessment of value.

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