TNF Gave Us An Edge AND A Bob's Big Day Parlay!

  1. 3.00 % wager on JAX Jaguars -2.5 @ -110 odds

Jacksonville Jaguars folded up shop in the offseason, until they didn't. Minshew said "F**** that, we going for it." They are 1-1 and very well could have been 2-0, which is more than some teams that were ranked higher then them (Eagles). We have the Jags potentially winning by a touchdown, so we love getting this game on the spread under a field goal. We are a little concerned about some injury problems, but they should be able to overcome them against a weak Miami squad.

Bob's Big Day Parlay:

JAX Jaguars Moneyline


LA Rams Moneyline


IND Colts Moneyline


LA Chargers Moneyline


ARI Cardinals Moneyline


BAL Ravens Moneyline

Odds: +1146

Wager: 1.0%

For those of you who don't know Bob, he can be very aggressive, he is from DelCo. If you don't understand why that makes sense, just look up DelCo Rage. So, we came out with this parlay so he had something to bet for the sake of our safety honestly. Bet it, don't bet it, whatever. We put money down and we are very confident in this 6 leg parlay.

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