Week 4 NFL Spread Picks - COVID Be Gone!!!

  1. 1.5% wager on DAL -4.5 @ -110

  2. 1.5% wager on TB -7.0 @ -120

  3. 1.5% wager on BAL -13.0 @ -110

  4. 1.5% wager on ARI -3.5 @ -110

  5. 1.5% wager on IND -2.5 @ -110

  6. 1.5% wager on JAX +3.0 @ -110

  7. 1.5% wager on NO -4.0 @ -110

  8. 1.5% wager on SEA -6.5 @ -107

  9. 1.5% wager on LAR -13.0 @ -104

  10. 1.5% wager on BUF -3.0 @ -110

  11. 1.5% wager on SF -7.0 @ -113

  12. 1.5% wager on GB -7.5 @ -109

Is that enough picks for you degenerates!? Go ahead and parlay them as well, why not, right? We are big fans of the volume style of betting, as previously mentioned. So, in week 4, we really hammered that idea and went for every game we could bet, obviously there have been some COVID complications. We hope everyone stays healthy and those infected recover safely. The NFL season could be hanging on by a string at this point, but everyone should be out there playing hard and to win, especially since next week is not guaranteed.

One of our favorite matchups this week is LV vs BUF. Going into the season, like many of you, we had the Bills as an extremely talented team poised to finally take a Brady-less division. Now, here they are 3-0 coming off a huge win against the Rams. We expect them to keep up the strong offensive play and scarily enough, their defense is the side of the ball that is slacking. They have given 60 points in the last two games, imagine if they can capture the play they demonstrated last year, the Bills would be a favorite for the Superbowl in some minds. However, they are coming off of a very tough 3 point win in a shootout against the Rams and now have to face a very capable Raiders squad. Before last week, the Raiders scored 34 points in back to back weeks and they showed tremendous fight. We think this game is going to be tight and BUF is only getting a -3.0 on the spread, which we felt comfortable with taking. If the spread was anymore, we may have had to back off.

One more matchup to look at would be the 49ers and the Eagles. Our power rankings have Philly DEAD LAST. That is very disheartening for some of the members of Phull Plate. Philly has been riddled with offensive dysfunction, O-line injury, and overall lack of potency on either side of the ball. They sit at a lackluster 0-2-1, against all beatable teams. Now, they are up against a 49ers squad who has, possibly, the hottest (and hottest) coach in the league. Shanahan is pressing all the right buttons for his squad and striking teams with an unpredictable creativity. He has had to deal with devastating injury, but he seems to know exactly what he can get out of each player and how to utilize them. With that said, the Eagles will be playing to win at all costs, their season will be all but over with another loss and we know how Philly plays under Doug in must win situations. This game very well could end up as the upset of the week.


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